I was asked the other day in the Social Quarters, What is the Moose really?

The Moose is a Family Fraternity, located across 50 states, four Canadian Provinces, and Great Britain.  It was founded in 1888.   Our mission is to support Mooseheart which is a Child City & School, located 40 miles west of Chicago.  It is a 1000 acre community for children and teens in need.  We help give children a second chance in life.  These children can be babies all the way up to high school.  One of our two Sunshine children for our Lodge is a Senior in High School this year.  We are so excited to see where her future takes her.  Our other sunshine child is in the 8th grade this year.  It doesn't end there  our other mission is to  support Moosehaven.  which is our 5 star rated retirement community  approximately 70 acres and located near Jacksonville, Florida. Moosehaven is completely funded by us, the men and women of the Moose.

We contribute between $75 TO $100 million worth of community service each year.

There is so much more to the Moose than just a social quarters. We bond together for the greater good of our Children at Mooseheart and our Seniors at Moosehaven. So if your not involved in our lodge, yet want to be a part of an awesome Fraternity, Join us we are always looking for volunteers.

We are One Moose Proud!