Message from your Chapter’s Senior Regent ...


Happy New Year everyone!  


Many thanks to our members who sponsored new members in to our Chapter, helping us to support Mooseheart, Moosehaven and our own Glendale Moose Home.  Remember, without your volunteering and supporting our Chapter activities we would not be able to help our children at Mooseheart and seniors at Moosehaven, and yes all who we help here in our own community, too.


Speaking of community engagement,  thanks to all who contributed to help the family in need that we adopted for Christmas.  We were able to supply their pantry with meals for the family, and they were very appreciative of your help.


We held several fundraisers this fall; thank you for your participation.  Good times were enjoyed by all!  Please check on-line for the February/March/April calendar for upcoming events, also watch our WOTM bulletin board in the front hall at the Lodge.


Your support makes all we do possible!


Moose on a Mission…

Mary Beth Agee, Senior Regent


Our Dearly Departed  




Pamela Burdick,  

Diane DiDomenico,  

Roxie Willyerd

May They Rest in Peace







SR.REGENT                   Mary Beth Agee

JR.GRAD.REGENT  Carole Coppersmith

JR.REGENT                           Jbird Russell

RECORDER                        Vicki Carmack


GUIDE                                Lisha Lockaby

ASSISTANT GUIDE           Jenny Medina





Helpful Hints from




New Hint: When hangers w/clips break keep the clip for closing chip bags.


Welcome to our Newest Member's

August-October 2018


  Frances Brown,  Pamela Canty,  Julie Cirks,  Mary Coster,  Jocelyn DeVeraCostes,    Sandra Devilbiss,  Sunny Jo Emerson,  Susie Gray,  Sherry Iverson,  Linda Jones,  Mary Kramer,  Alma Mattingly,  Andrea Maupin,  Carol McCall,  Gloria Mundstock,  Myrna Nacino,  Christina Navarrette,  Linda Nicholson,  Eleine Opper,  Patsy Parker,  Linda May Peterson,  Mary Sprang,  Linda Swanson,  Marsha Swink,  Elaine Tuttle,  Kathleen Williams  





Thank You to our Sponsors WOTM  & LOOM  

For the Last Quarter


Mary Beth Agee,  Mary Anderson,  Fran Campbell,  Esther Canty,   Don Coffman,  Kinney Iverson,  Scott Lopez,   Jan Northup,   Tim Peek,   Sara Quinn,  Joseph Rosso,  JBird Russell,   Paula  Skinner,  Phyllis Sonnier,  Bob Turek,  Kathleen Turek,  Elaine Tuttle,  Blayne Williams, Flor Wilson


   Committee Chair Women               2018-2019


    Membership/Retention           Delores Dunigan

     Community Service                 Teresa Moore  

    Activities/Sports                      Kathleen Turek  

    Mooseheart/Moosehaven      Jan Northup

     Higher Degree                        Esther Canty  

    Sunshine Chairman                Jane Hundley

    Audit Chairman                      Sandy Clark


Women of the Moose
Chapter #1642

2018-2019 Officers