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Message from our Governor   





Happy New Year to all!  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were being greeted by Trick or Treaters, and ow it’s 2019.  I hope everyone was able to be with loved ones for the holidays, either here or there.


I want to thank everyone that attended the New Year’s Eve Celebration.  I think it was one of the best parties that I’ve attended.  The food and the entertainment were great.  The group, Arizona, gave a stellar performance with a good mix of music and volume.  I would like to thank everyone that stayed and helped to clean up – what a BIG help you were!


Several important events happened in January to start our New Year.  On January 12 & 13th we hosted the District 2 and Legion Celebration at our Lodge.  Saturday night we all enjoyed Michelle’s Anne Murray tribute; great entertainment mixed with great dinner created a very nice evening for all.


On January 20th we had the honor of welcoming Moose International Supreme Governor Harry Johnston to our Lodge for a visit.  We had special presentations and a spaghetti dinner in his honor.


January 26th was our annual Murder Mystery Dinner.  Many of your favorite Moose Actors from our Really Not Ready For Prime Time Moose Players were in the play.  As usually, the evening was a blast.


We have many more activities planned for this winter and spring at Glendale Moose – watch the calendar and make sure you can join with us – I’m sure you’ll have a great time!  And remember, our Lodge activities are all created and manned by volunteers; can you help??


Fred Carmack, Governor





Welcome to Our Newest Brothers…

Glen Bakeberg, Byron Bass, Dennis Bohlen, John Brouighman, Dennis DeVault, Randy Doescher, Marvin Dunaway, Gary Flowers, Efren Granaderos, Perry Gross, Kinney Eugene Iverson, Todd Johnson, Bruce Krusell, Scott Lopez, Glen McCall, Mick Meldrum, Henry Mendoza, Dean Moses, Maurice Navaretti, Richard Nutter, Ron Pasik, Alex Perez, Scott Ping, Maximiliano Pino, Frank Purpura, Robert Robole, Philmore Ruff, Norman Schulz, Carl Schumate, Fred Spiker, Frank, Uveges, Donald Wall, and Kevin Young



Thank you to our sponsors for the last quarter...


Barbara Bednar, Fred Carmack, Don Coffman, Craig Dotzauer, Delores Dunigan, Robert Fahrion, Jay Fellows, Debbie Green, Sandra Holiday, Kinnie Eugene Iverson, David Lough, Christina Navarrette, Kenneth Pearson, Jerald Roehl, Jim Schrenker, Duncan Stuart, Lawrence Trebitkowski, Donald Townsend, Pamela Turner, Kathleen Turek, and Robert Turek



Loyal Order of Moose Lodge#2243  

201-2019 Officers


Governor-Fred Carmack

Jr. Governor-Morgan McMeen

Jr. Past Governor-Don Coffman

Treasure-Steve Brooks

Administrator-Bob Turek

Prelate-Robert Nicholson

1 Year Trustee-George Coy

2 Year Trustee-Steve Branscum

3 Year Trustee-Dave Bush

Sergeant at Arms-VACANT

Inner Guard-Tom Tomczak

Outer Guard-Dale Knight




      Our Defending Circle  

         Has been Broken



Dale Bundy


Martin Peterson


Rest in Peace Brothers


Moose Legion Unit

Chairman -  Steve Brock

Assistant Chairman– Tim Peek

Assistant Secretary  -  Bob Turek



We are happy to say

James Flagg

Marin Heberling

Richard Hoppe

Have not passed away.

A computer glich at Moose International put out some

Erroneous information.